I did not want to reinstall drivers for my first solution as I often wonder if they might be product specific, as people believe ATK drivers may be. The community supports these systems, not ASUS. It SAID that it updated, I did everything you said including restart and I still can’t change the brightness of my keyboard lights. Results 1 to 10 of I don’t want to look into all the rubbish before hitting the solution! Cloudy1 February 1, 3:

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Are you facing any other issue with the keyboard? If they don’t, there’s nothing that can be done in Windows to bring ’em back.

After updating the driver detailed instructions abovethis finally made it work. Asus g74sx keyboard light to the Asus website and look up your computer. It’s at the top of the list In the case of keybosrd video card, it is among the first in the Device Manager. I really would like to have my backlights working again!!


After like 3 years of no backlight! That did NOT work for me. Alternatively, you could try to reflash the BIOS or check the keyboard light cable connection. If keyboqrd, were you able to resolve it?

If it remains a mystery, I will follow your advice, and contact the service center. RIP Windows and windows I wish Windows has a silent death as Nokia!

You might want to straighten the folded area, which was touching the metal. Long story short, one of the many issues I ran into was that the keyboard backlight didn’t flash upon post. But downloading the ASUS keyboard driver for windows 8 did.

Share This Page Tweet. If your backlight is currently working, make a snapshot of your working bios. Sir RobinJul 18, NoraCocan Replied on January 10, I have tried searching for the problem, but the only solution i found was to install asus g74sx keyboard light program: April 25 by Matthew Durant. Did you update the driver for the keyboard?

No backlight in keyboard after upgrading to windows 10

I have bricked my laptop when updating bios from to In reply to Rohit Siddegowda’s post on August 5, They were really useless. I was super suprised!


Thanks, in asus g74sx keyboard light, for you help, Sir Robin. As far as Windows is concerned its a non-issue! It was working, when my system came back from the dead flash reprogrambut it has quit doing so.

BurberryJun 29, I gave it a shot, and I am happy! ligyt

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Write back to us asue the status of the issue for further assistance on the query. I have not been able to use the fn-keys or turn on the backlight in my keyboard.

This causes data loss and the keys permanently stay unusable or at least barely usable. Asus g74sx keyboard light Replied on September 13, Raidriar Jul 26, at 9: