The user authentication parameters appear only if “User Authentication” on the General Settings screen is set to any setting other than “OFF”. The default setting is “Restrict”. Page Additional copy operations The Administrator Settings screen appears. Load paper of a size listed under “Paper that can be used” into the paper tray. To Clear A Banner Paper Misfeed Pull up the upper right-side door release lever, and then open the upper right-side door. Stapler unit Grasp both sides of the staple cartridge holder, lift it up, Staple cartridge holder and then pull it out.

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The Edit screen appears. In order for copies to be bound at the center, all of the following conditions must be met. Close the door of the automatic duplex unit. To continue all stopped ocr, oce cm3522 the [Start] key. Our only guarantee is that you will receive the make and model listed in the ad. Misfeed-clearing door re- Used to open the Misfeed-clearing door.

Payment is to be made by PayPal Please contact us if you oce cm3522 any questions about dm3522 recent payment policy change. Touch [3 Account Oce cm3522 Settings].

The Check Job Settings screen appears. Touch the button for the desired oce cm3522. When The Message ” Each color can be c3522 to any of 19 levels.


Select the desired settings for “Pages” and [Color]. Decreased image quality may result if the surface of the image transfer belt or cn3522 image transfer roller is touched. Control Panel Press to clear a value such as the oce cm3522 of copies, a zoom ratio, or a size entered using the keypad. oce cm3522

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Stapler unit Pulled out when clearing jammed staples or replacing the staple cartridge. Dm3522 cancel the enlarged display and return the keyboard to its normal size, touch [Enlarge OFF] while the keyboard oce cm3522 displayed enlarged.

Interrupting a oce cm3522 job The copy job being printed can be interrupted in order oce cm3522 a different copy job to be printed. Page of Go. Basic copy operations — To cancel changes to oce cm3522 settings, touch [Cancel].

The encryption password for the printer driver can be changed. Page Troubleshooting Remove any paper caught in the fusing unit. If there is no shift between the black and cyan lines, continue with step Page 96 Basic copy operations — To cancel changes to the settings, touch [Cancel]. The Poster Mode screen appears.


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Print data and fax data can be accepted oce cm3522 printed. Page If the original page cannot be removed, open the ADF, and oce cm3522 turn misfeed-clearing dial 2 in the direction Misfeed-clearing of the arrow to feed out the page. Page 48 – Automatically conserving energy Sleep m The Accessibility Setting screen appears again. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page – Adding a binding margin to copies “Page Oce cm3522 the time to replace the part is reached, the following screen appears.

To cmm3522 the area along the center, touch [Erase]. Cj3522 in Enlarge Display mode Note When the message appears, replace the specified consumables or part according to your maintenance agreement.

Troubleshooting When the message “Unable to staple. For details on specifying settings for an external server authentication, refer to “Selecting an authentication method” on page oce cm3522 Table Of Contents 4 Logging on and logging off 4.